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--:: SMS-Sprüche ::-- --:: Englische ::--

1 If I could look into your eyes, I would feel like in Paradies ... 65 Zeichen
2 Meet me in outer space. We could spend the night, Watch the earth coming up. I've grown tired of that place Won't you come with me? 131 Zeichen
3 I need two thinks, my teddy and you, my teddy for night and forever you 71 Zeichen
4 Love me always,love me ever and I hope you forget me never. 59 Zeichen
5 Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt thou the sun does move, Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt, I love. 111 Zeichen
6 A peach is a peach, a plumb is a plumb, a kiss ain´t a kiss without some tongue, so open your mouth and close your eyes and give your tongue some exercise. 155 Zeichen
7 Meet me in outer space. we could spend the night - watch the earth coming up. I've grown tired of that place won't you come with me? 132 Zeichen
8 Never forget me, forget me never. but when you forget me, forget me forever! 76 Zeichen
9 A love begins with a smile, it continues with a kiss, and it ends with tears. 77 Zeichen
10 The day I will stop lovin you, is the day, when I close my eyes 4 ever!!! 73 Zeichen
11 Every time I think of you, I feel the intensity Of loving you Like you could never imagine. 91 Zeichen
12 What I want more than anything Is to hold you in my arms And tell you just how much I love you, And how much I want you in my life. 131 Zeichen
13 There are no words that I could use, No song that I could sing. 63 Zeichen
14 No place that I could visit, No gift that I could bring. 56 Zeichen
15 No poem I could read you, No melody to play. 44 Zeichen
16 There's nothing that could tell you just what I want to say. 60 Zeichen
17 There's just one thing that I have heard and it will have to do. 64 Zeichen
18 It's these three simple, perfect words, my darling.. I love you! 64 Zeichen
19 The day,I will stop loving you, is the day when I close my EYES 4ever! 70 Zeichen
20 I have two things in my life my teddy and you! My teddy is for the night and you are forever. 93 Zeichen
21 if You can´t love the one You want, love the one You´re with. 61 Zeichen
22 If love is a flower i would made a flowerfield If love is an angle i would fly to it If love is dream i would sleep the howl time If love is to love you 152 Zeichen
23 2 people can love,like or hate each other but there feelings tell them the right way and you should always listen to your heart and not to your head! 149 Zeichen
24 The day I will stop loving you, is the day when I close my eyes forever! 72 Zeichen
25 The only way to have a friend is to be one!!!! 46 Zeichen
26 By the way I want to say Before you go I love you so 52 Zeichen
27 Love is difficult to find, easy to loose and hard to forget. 60 Zeichen
28 Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart. 131 Zeichen
29 By the way, I want to say, before you go: I LOVE YOU SO Wherever you are and whatever you do, but never forget: I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU The day I will stop loving you, is the day when I close my eyes forever!!!! 220 Zeichen
30 You believe in everything you see why don't you believe in me? 62 Zeichen
31 Love is difficult to find, easy to lose and hard to forget! 59 Zeichen
32 For the world you are someone, but for someone you are the world! 68 Zeichen
33 Like the moon and the stars,may our hearts never part.As time passes by 4ever be mine.U pick me up,when I'm down.Life has no meaning when U're not around! 154 Zeichen
34 hard to find soooo nice to have, but... sooo easy to lose!!!! 71 Zeichen
35 I love two things: My teddy and you. My teddy for tonight and you forever. 74 Zeichen
37  since today i wanna say: your LOVE means to me more than ever, i will love you always and forever! 98 Zeichen
38 Did i ever tell you , how I love you, I will love again, even in my dreams, i fell you... 89 Zeichen
39 I love U 2day
I love U 2morrow
I love U 4ever!

97 Zeichen
40 I hate you but I need you because I love you!!! 47 Zeichen
41 I need 3 things in my life! The moon, the sun and you! The moon for the night, the sun for the day, and you for the rest of my life! 132 Zeichen
42 For the world you are somebody, but for somebody you are the world. 67 Zeichen
43 if life is a river and your heart is a boat - i feel heaven, cause your my hope - if all my problems are a huge waterfall - i know,with you i'll make it all 156 Zeichen
44 I miss your smile, I miss your arms. I miss your laugher and your charms. I miss your face, your body, too. Bu6t most of all I just miss YOU! 141 Zeichen
45 i like two things, a rose and you, a rose for a day and you 4 ever!!! 69 Zeichen
46 Like a mind needs a dream and a song needs a theme, every heart needs a home to express just how it feels! 106 Zeichen
47 I have just one request. Please kiss me... and then... kiss me again! 69 Zeichen
48 I love two things: my teddy and you. My teddy for the night, when I`m alone, and you forever! I love you very much!!! 117 Zeichen
49 Roses are red, Violets are blue, Honey is sweet, And so are you!!! 66 Zeichen


I need two things. My teddy and you. My teddy for the night when I am alone and you forever! 92 Zeichen
51 How can I say I love you, when I love more than words can say? I love you and I miss you very much! 99 Zeichen
52 Love begins with a smile goes on with a kiss and ends with tears. Love is like a war, it's easy to begin hard to end and never to forget! 147 Zeichen
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